What the hot attorney did next…..

Our attorney never asked my son about the case. Rather, she often talked about the prosecutor’s plea deal. The prosecution wanted him to take 13 years for both victims. This was suppose to be a good deal. Forget about the fact that he was a young 20 year old college student, a VA volunteer, a mentor, soccer player, Boy Scout and received numerous scholarships. Let’s forget that he did not have a criminal history or even a traffic ticket. Oh, I guess that we should forget that he could not be identified. Let’s forget that the detective manipulated the system and that they only had a picture of the evidence. Let’s forget that the 2 photo lineups were biased and should have been suppressed. This was the deal of a life time. Yeah, what a great deal.  A plea deal that my son would not agree to. He wanted to go to trial. Repeat offenders have gotten better deals than what he was offered. She was draining me dry and didn’t even try to hide it anymore. I got the impression that she wanted the case to be finished so that she could move on. I often wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that a bail bondsmen recommended her. I often wonder if the bail bondsman got some kind of payment for every client he referred. I will never know. What I do know is that she wasn’t zealously representing my son like she promised. Instead what she did was emailed and called me one day to tell me that the prosecutor wanted to talk with me. When I received those calls and emails, I was elated. I thought that the prosecutor had a change of heart. I thought that it was good news. I did not expect to hear what the prosecutor said to me. Later on I was told that a prosecutor never calls the defendant or defendant’s parents. It just wasn’t done. It can cause problems and vindictiveness. Attorneys were to report anything that the prosecutor had to say. One attorney didn’t believe that this had actually happened until he saw my emails. The proof was in the email. I have a copy of the emails below. She was emailing me and calling me urgently. When the conference call didn’t work, she tried another way. When that didn’t work, another way was tried. Eventually she got the prosecutor and I connected. She wasn’t able to remain on the call but she did tell me not to mention to the prosecutor that my son had some emotional issues and was bipolar. I figured that she had a strategic reason for not wanting me to tell her that.  I later wondered if the prosecutor had that information maybe she would have looked at things differently. I also wondered why was this done after my son turned 21. All I could think was that the prosecutor had some good news for me. Why else would she be calling me? Wouldn’t you think that??? Well, I was wrong. I was definitely wrong. Wait until you hear what the prosecutor said to me. April 2012 1st email from the attorney URGENT I just talked to the prosecutor on _____ case. Ms. _______, are you available to do a brief conference call with her. 2nd email from the attorney Re: URGENT CALL YOU BACK NOW 3rd email from the attorney Re: URGENT CALL THIS NUMBER — The call in number is — XXX XXX XXXX … Access code XXXXXX. WE’LL DO THE CONFERENCE CALL THIS WAY. USE THE ABOVE NUMBER. 4th email from the attorney Re: URGENT It was nice of her to agree to the conference call.

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