One Detective with 6 fingers in the pie – Part 3

The police detective manipulated a victim into making an false identification. She manipulated my son into making a false confession. He is emotionally hindered. He is easily manipulated especially by a pretty woman.  She had him come to the police station on the pretense that she was going to give him back his property. It was a trap. She knew that she had him by the balls.  She videoed taped the meeting. She also signed off on the accuracy of the transcript. Why weren’t all the other times they saw each other videoed? Why weren’t their phone calls recorded? Why wasn’t he put under surveillance to see if he commits a crime? I read in her incident report that she had my son’s phone records subpoenaed and the results showed that his phone was not used in the area during the time of the robberies? However, when she was deposed by the attorney she said that she had not gotten back the results from the phone records. That was a fallacy. The date she received the results was before she did her sworn deposition. Oh!! That would have helped the defense. My son’s civil rights were violated by the detective being deceptive about some evidence and omitting other information favorable to my son. These actions persuaded a judge to issue the arrest warrant.


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