One Detective with 6 fingers in the pie – Part 1

A police officer duty is to serve and protect. They are trusted to work within the law. They are to ensure the rights of all to liberty, equality and justice without any ill-will. My question then is how can one detective have her hand in 6 related cases? How can she impartially investigate cases where an individual is both the suspect and victim. The detective was the investigator when my son was arrested. She was the detective for the 2 victims where a robbery was attempted. She was the investigator for the 2 suspects that robbed my son. She did all the interviews and interrogations. She was the detective that signed off on the accuracy of the interviews. Everyone seem to forget that the victim called 911. Everyone seemed to forget that the victims said that she could only see the eyes. A photo lineup should have never been done. At least a full face photo lineup shouldn’t have been done. Well, a photo lineup was done regardless; however the detective did not get the results she wanted. The victim said that she could not make an identification. So what to do?? She did a second photo lineup with my son face as the only common denominator, the only same face between the lineups. The lineup was even done in the victim’s home. How can this be the right thing to do? And let’s not forget that the original officer that made the initial report said that the,” victim said that she would not be able to identify the assailant”.  When the detective couldn’t recover the alleged guns, she used a picture of the guns that came from the phone of the men that attacked my son. All guns of the same make and same model and color look alike. You cannot differentiate one picture from another. It is impossible. She tried to manipulate the men into saying that my son admitted to doing these atrocities. Even under arrest they would not admit to what she said. Her interviews with the two men showed that she told these men that she was looking at my son for the attempted robberies. She even tried to deceive them by saying that the gun was used in a homicide. They still didn’t fall for it. What’s really going on? Why isn’t our attorney fighting for my son? I thought that the police detective was supposed to be treating my son like a victim.


The six fingers are 1-my son as a victim, 2- my son as a suspect, 3,4 the 2 victims, 5,6-the other 2 suspects. Separate cases investigated by one detective.

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