The Call…that every mother dreads

When my son called and told me that the detective called him and said that she was issuing a warrant for his arrest, I had no idea what he was talking about. He said that he was being arrested for attempted robbery with a firearm. I couldn’t believe my ears. I remember that I was in my car with my great aunt who was 93 at the time and my mother who was 81. I had just finished taking them to a doctor’s appointment and then the hairdresser. I had to pull over to catch my breath. He asked me, “Mom, what should I do?” I told him to turn himself in and that we would sort it out. Like always he listened to what I told him. He told me that the detective said that everything was going to be alright. She told him not to worry. Funnily, he still had faith in this detective. Well, of course I did not believe it. Since he had her cell number, I asked him to give me the number. I called her but couldn’t get through. She called me and couldn’t get through. Finally we talk and she also told me not to worry. I asked her if I should call the bondsmen. She told me no. She told me that I should let him go before the judge and that the judge would probably reduce the bond or charges. Something told me that it did not sound right. I had never had anyone in jail before so I was a complete novice. Fortunately, my son called me several times before he turned himself in. I decided to call the bondsmen right away. My son was released the next day and thus begins our walk down a slippery through Orlando’s justice system.

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