How this got started

He we go.  In May, 2011, my son called the police to report being robbed at gunpoint. In April/May 2011, two victims reported that a masked person attempted to rob them but did not get away with anything.  The detective on my son’s case began looking at him as the possible suspect. My son didn’t know this. He thought that she was trying to help him get his possessions back which included his guns. He thought that he was the victim.  My son was always raised to respect authority. He was taught that they were only there to help. He was not a street-wise person. He might have thought he was street smart but in reality, street recognizes street. It is also recognized when someone  is perpetrating a fraud. At this time, I will not talk about his mental health but it suffice to say that he is easily manipulated. I should know. Although with the best of intentions,I had been manipulating him most of his life. The detective saw this flaw and used it to her advantage.

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