After the second burglary

After the second burglary, a smart parent, a parent in tuned would have said, okay Charles, you can home. Instead, I put my own needs first. What I should say is I put my own wants first and my son’s needs and wants second. If I had only realized the despair he felt. If I had only realized that he was out of his element. If I had only known that he wasn’t much different than me. He wanted to be and feel a part of those around him. He wanted to feel included but didn’t know the road to take. I know. Even now I always feel like I am on the outside looking in. Sometimes a person can try too hard to fit in. Unfortunately his choice of friends wasn’t a good choice. Is he perfect? No, of course not. Does he know right from wrong. I hope so. I taught all of my children right from wrong. I feel like he learned the right elements but did not apply them when he went away to college. I feel like he knew this and wanted to come home and I did not let him. When I told him to ‘man up’, he took a different route. One of his friends suggested that he get a gun so that people would not taking advantage of him. Owning a gun would make him feel big, cool and powerful. People would think twice about robbing him. Well, at the time I hadn’t known that he gotten a gun. In fact, he had gotten 2 guns because one was to big for his small hands. I didn’t know. He didn’t tell me. I should have let him come home.

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