The Burglary

After my son had only been away at college for 2 months, his laptop was stolen. Apparently someone had entered the room when he wasn’t present. They took only his lap top. As he was raised to do, he called the police and filed a report. It appears that another burglary had taken place that evening a few doors down. Detective direct quotes,” I also responded to another Burglary of Dwelling located in the same complex and approximately three to four doors down from each other. Both incidents occurred during the same time frame and showed similar modius operandi. My sound was very distraught at losing his laptop. The school that he attended required everyone to have this particular laptop and software valued at $3000. It should be noted that burglary and theft happens regularly with students from this. The community is aware that every student is required to carry this expensive equipment and these students are targeted. He became very distraught at what happened. As I had the laptop insured, he secured another laptop rather quickly. I reminded him to lock his car and room and remove personal belongings from sight. Things progressed well for awhile until the second burglary.


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