Off Campus Housing

My son resided in off campus housing. The university that he attended did not have dormitories on campus. This probably should have been my first sign that he needed to find another school. Living on campus is quite different from living off campus. Living on-campus allows a person to meet more people who are trying to achieve similar goals. Living in a residence hall means that a person would be  more aware of any campus activities and how to be involved in them. It also means that someone is always around. I now realize that living off-campus is not for everyone. A person has to be emotionally mature. If one has had a sheltered life, it can be overwhelming experience to have this newly found freedom. The housing that I chose for Charles was a major hotel turned dormitory. It housed college students from mainly 3 universities in the area. My son had his own room little studio. I thought that I made a good decision. In retrospect, I wished that I had at least gotten him a room with a roommate that shared the same interests and attended the same university. I did not take into account that he had never lived on his own. I never took into account that he never had a girlfriend. I did not take into account that he had some emotional issues. I did not take into account that he trusts everyone. Unfortunately,  a person that trusts everyone can become an easy target. A person who lets his guard down can be manipulated and not even know it. This might be one of the reason for the burglaries.

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