Nothing could stop him now. Or so we thought…

When my son first attended college, he was very happy. This was the school that he always wanted to attend. Some of his favorite artists had attended this university. He was living his dream. He received a little scholarship from my company which would yield him $12000. He also received a small scholarship from the V.A. Medical Center for all the years that he had volunteered in their program. He received grants. We applied for a student loan. His Godparents gave him $500 monthly. His grandmother had gotten him a 2009 Kia Spectra for graduating on the A/B honor roll. He received a substantial living stipend. His room and board was paid for in advance. The plan included unlimited access to the cafeteria. He did not have any financial worries. All he had to do was study.  He was on his way. Nothing could stop him now. Or so we thought…


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